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thus we frustate charlemagne?

5/13/08 11:13 pm - thus we frustate charlemagne?

well, we're ten-twelve days of really summery weather into may, with peak daytime temperatures up to 68-70 F, and nighttime lows around 59-65 F, save for the occasional spring show^W downpour - and on sunday, a pretty good thunderstorm complete with almost firework display-level lightning - and a cooling breeze last night; but can the heat truly be blamed for all i see going on around me?

e.g: about the beginning of the week before last, kellet lane, the "back road" up from the river to (just outside) nether kellet, and a quarter of the way along my customary way home, finally got a road crew from the county (or their contractors) out to re-do the cental white-line dashes which've needed repainting for about two years; initially not badly, and it is but a minor road, when all's said and done; but by the end of last summer, the lines'd faded pretty well to nothing in places, so it was definitely a day's job as needed doing.

the middle of last week, however, another road crew from the county came out and spent two, two and a half days laying a coat of tar the width, and just short of the entire length of kellet lane, and then tipping about an inch-thick blanket of granite chippings over the whole lot, for passing traffic (and the lane is used by quarry trucks and short, single-deck buses as well as perhaps surprisingly many private cars) to do the greater part of pressing the "metal" into the fresh, and still stick-soft layer of tar..
..a cheap-but-effective way of resurfacing a minor road, so long as it hasn't actually started to break up (usually at the [h]edges), and doesn't have [m]any too-deep pot-holes developing hidden depths in it;

but it is also a very effective way of totally obliterating, and completely burying, that newly re-painted central white-lining job.

any bets on how long it is, before the next time the county sends out one of its white-lining road crews to kellet lane again?

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