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happy kallevala day!

2/28/08 07:07 pm - happy kallevala day!

no-one on my read-list seems yet to've noted that

today is kallevala day:

a day to celebrate by listening to some sibelius (not necessarily lemminkainen's return); consuming copious quantities of suitable liquors spiritous (or at
least a sufficiency thereof); pouring more water on the stones (optional; but spending a significant period in occupancy of a sauna/stew/sweat-lodge is de rigeur); periodically rushing out bodily over the edge of the nearest cliff^W^W^W^W^W^W^W - woops; this is only indicated if you're of an excessively disneyfied lemming-kind into the nearest snow-drift and beating one-another with birch branches (and the cliff's a small one, you may find it preferable), repeating ad inf. and ad lib; and possibly reading or re-reading some of emil petaja's f&sf, or de camp & pratt's complete compleat enchanter story, "the green magician."

you may think the first and the last steps the most important - but whichever you and yours enjoy the most,

happy kallevala day!

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