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roger quilter

11/12/07 04:33 pm - roger quilter

this november 2007 sees the 130th anniversary of the birth of a now sadly and unjustly forgotten british composer, roger quilter.

if he's now remembered at all, it's usually as a songwriter - yet he was one of the most popular composers of his pre & inter-war years day: and he also wrote pieces both purely instrumental, and as accompaniment to e.g. "Where the Rainbow Ends", a magnificently british-imperialist-revivalist play intended by its writer to both entertain, and to inspire a return to and regrowth of all the sterling qualities in modern children that made the british empire great...
(i can't say as how it was especially successful in this latter aim, but it was enormous fun for a [six? seven? or] eight-year-old to see, what with its resourceful children characters being constantly in grave danger, a wicked - and top-hatted - evil uncle ready to betray them and plotting against them, representatives of assorted european nations living up (or down) to their respective stereotypes, and the Dragon-King the dreadful ultimate evil character, who they must defeat - and whom i remember us either being allowed to, or perhaps even encouraged to boo and hiss upon his every entrance *vbg*

but i doubt anyone actually remebers that - though i'd love to read it again and my elder brother would love to hear the music again, or to read the score.

rather, i'd like to encourage people to write in to radio 3 (either radio3@bbc.co.uk or a particular programme presenter firstname.secondname@bbc.co.uk) to request that they do something to honour the anniversary of this unjustly forgotten british composer.
and to any local classical music radio station you may have, elsewhere in the world.

there is a website devoted to roger quilter, by the author of his biography (which comes with a cd of all his recordings of his own music), valerie langfield;

there is also a first ever complete roger quilter songbook being released on cd - the first part is now out, i understand, though lancaster's only record^W cd music shop seems to have no intention of stocking it :-((

(the "music" i've noted is perhaps his best-remembered song)

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