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shortcomings in fabled merkin entrepenoo-ership and this interwebby thing

9/6/07 08:57 am - shortcomings in fabled merkin entrepenoo-ership and this interwebby thing

there's wired cafés'n'magazines, there's epr0n, 419s & penny stock-ramping efraud, there's medication & surgical appliance ub/ce & spam, and there'd appear to be a health-e market in smuggling fags'n'golf-balls (!!) - but there's a deathly hal^W silence, when it comes to serious get-rich-quick-inna-christly-way emerchandising - sfaics;

is no-one making good money out of e-religion?

what has gone wrong with the spirit of merkia?

are all young merkins godless commies?

Youf of Merkia!

YOU can help STEM the TIDE:

visit The Church

that is Ready and Prepared

to Do something

about Sin and Debauchery

please have your visa/mastercard details ready to hand

[adapted from a comment i posted to mike knell's journal]

n.b. this is an equal opportunities scam: neither the old, nor the middle-aged, nor non-merkins, nor non-christian believers, non-believers, pagans, neo-pagans nor woolly agnostics, nor non-humans should consider themselves excluded from the exhortation to contribute as much as they can to this money-making venture. substitute "fane", "temple", stone or wood circle, synagogue, ziggurat, or other edifice constructed by, for or on behalf of organdised or disorgandized religions or non-religions for "church", according to taste (or lack thereof)

eye thank-ewe.

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