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a [business] opportunity you must not fail to miss... ([a])

9/5/07 12:58 pm - a [business] opportunity you must not fail to miss... ([a])

those nice people at british gas trading, who took over the business of enron direct of lamented memory [b], and "rolled over" people's contracts at "new, improved" rates thereafter, have sent me a delightful letter, offering to roll me over again, this time for a whole two years (or for 1, or for 3 years, if i'd like), at the special stable price of 56.3p/day standing charge, and 13.53p/kWh - plus climate change levy and plus V.A.T.

what munificence! what beneficience!

- and what gullibility they presume in what they must be presuming to be an uninformed client base!

if you go via a broker, they should be able to find you prices for c. 1 year at ~ 17p/day standing charge, and ~ 6.9p/kWh (plus climate change levy, plus V.A.T.) [c]

so, as i say, this would appear to be
a business opportunity you must not fail to miss!

[a] - courtesy of etao4in shr6dlu & co, incomp.
[b] - they actually were ime a good business energy supplier
[c] - the brokers charge the energy supplier, not you

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