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end of the day

8/24/07 01:02 am - end of the day

sunest at arnside knot, 23/8/07
sunest at arnside knot, 23/8/07

this sunset could've used a panoramic camera - the sort that used to be clockwork, back when schools lined up the entire population of kids'n'teachers in a semi-circle, and made 'em all stand "just so", in line, in best clean togs (uniform, or whatever the particular school was into), and many a legendary sprinter gained possibly apocyphal fame...

but, lacking one such, this (and a few others, not as yet uploaded) must serve...

i trust it is nevertheless found to be edifying - save of course by sillysausageradioactivekaiserdads, and any other saucisponicious characters in the offing.
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