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help! i am stuck in parts southern!

4/18/05 06:38 pm - help! i am stuck in parts southern!

the garage that said they'd do the alternator on brm today, "no trouble" eventually did phone back - to say they'd be doing it tomorrow!

i am stuck in ipswitch (fcvotv [a]) 'til - well, who knows what o'clock tomorrow?

at this time of the year, this may only inconvenience a few customers - but that's still too many; bookshops & games shops should be open monday through saturday when they're advertised to be, and not randomly closed - however infrequently this may occur. damn.

i hope and trust i'll be there to open again on time on wednesday...

[a] - they have lent me a rather strange super-mini courtesy car, which i could in theory drive back up to lancaster - in time to set off back down, to pick up brm wednesday morning - and thus have interstellar master traders closed two days running, instead of just the one - and i'm not sure i wouldn't be in dire danger of driving off the edge of the thelwell viaduct, or into some innocent volvo driver (there must be some), on the way back down, or the way back up again... - nope, best not.
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