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sad news

6/24/07 11:33 am - sad news

i learned last night from roobarb that her friend & colleague karen, tooffairy, has died - kaiserdad this morning's added that it is suspected, of a heart-attack.

this is far too sudden & unexpected, to have any coherent reaction to; i'd only met her a few times, but - once she'd realised she'd no cause to be shy with any of roobarb's friends - she was almost always good fun to be with (the couple of wobbly times being caused by having a stupid amount & kind of pressure put on her at work, and then by her mum's death, and having a job the size of sorting out a house that'd been more or less neglected for thirty years land on her; both enough to give anyone the wobbles), equally good at telling a story about "her lads" and listening to another's, good at chatting about anything or nothing much really, generally lively, and up for a laugh.

tooffairy didn't come out with us, the last time i drove over - she wanted to get another bit of the house ready for some tradesmen to start their work, i think; i was a bit disappointed at this, but only a bit, because there'd be plenty of other times - and now all those other times of being together with friends, with this particular friend, have just run out.
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