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little grey ghost's been attacked by a truly dumb bird

5/2/07 08:58 pm - little grey ghost's been attacked by a truly dumb bird

on the way home from lancaster tonight at 50mph, almost at the northern end of the dual carriageway/split carriageway on the A6 where it passes under [a] the so-called west coast mainline railway, a pheasant ran out into the road ahead of me. now pheasant aren't exactly noted for their intelligence, but this one was exceptionally dumb, even by general bird-brain standards: instead of either stopping, or angling away from me, as i steered out into the - empty - second lane, or taking off and flying over me, it ran straight for that part i was just about to occupy, and then took off late enough, that it could not possibly've avoided the car - it might as well've been aiming straight through the car window for me in the driver's seat.

it hit the passenger-side "shoulder" mirror (or whatever the proper name is for the things that've replaced wing mirrors) and the side of the car with a terrific thump, with bits of debris flying backawrds, up and away...

i stopped as soon as there was a sensible (and legal - the A6 there being a clearway) place to do so, parked, switched off & got out to examine the damage, and re-position the mirror; i then walked back to pick up from the road the bits of the mirror-fairing that it'd hit, as'd gone flying off, and incidentally the possibly just stunned, but proba/possibly dying pheasant.

i did think about collecting it for preparing & cooking - but decided against it. plucking's a long, untidy and tedious job, and doing that and cleaning the carcass'd over-tax the tiny amount of work-space in my kitchen - and there's only the one of me, to eat a bird that'd feed four...

but i could go back and collect it, if anyone in or around lancaster'd like me to deliver it to them... - any requests?

[a] - or above, on a fly-over, on the southbound side
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