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long-life bulbs?

4/23/07 01:17 am - long-life bulbs?

so; planted 49 assorted summer-flowering blues'n'purples [*] this afternoon/evening (it'd've been afternoon last week & the week before, but the clouds've rolled in from ireland, and it's occasional light rain-showers, sometimes mizzle, and sometimes "soft" today (so i won't need to water 'em in, to make them feel at home & wanted), a lot cooler - and it was "closing in for the evening" grey from around two thirty or three), on the grounds that the last frost of the winter's probably bin-and-gorn now. leastways, i certainly hope it has...

it's only a small patch of garden, but i think it'd look a lot better with more colour there, more of the year. we shall, no doubt, see.

* - and at least a few of them're lavenders, maybe mauves 'n' reds, too, if the picture on the bag-of-bag's card closure's to be believed, and prob'ly many multifalarious shades in-between
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