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slavery in the year 2007: something practical we can do

3/27/07 11:19 pm - slavery in the year 2007: something practical we can do

slavery is alive and well in this year of grace 2007 - or common era year 2007, or however else one cares to number it.

and one of the ways most of us support it, whether we know this or not, is by buying tea, coffee, cocoa & chocolate without considering the true cost of these "essential luxuries" - socially acceptable drugs that they are - to the people who actually do the really hard work of producing them.

but if we are prepared to take a little care, and pay just a little more - and sometimes not even that - for a brand & line that bears the "fair trade" logo, we can help simply by reducing the sale of those lines that are not fair-traded a little, and convincing the multinationals that they, too, should take the trouble to trade fairly with their suppliers, and ensure that these in turn run fair and "slavery-clean" businesses.

if we want to, and feel we can afford to, we can also donate to, or even invest in, organisations dedicated to helping build up workers' co-operatives in the producing countries:

but all of us can afford to buy fair-traded products, even if it sometimes means we buy a little less, a little less often, of our favourite drugs :-)

for fuller details, including where and what to look for in the uk, see fairtrade uk's web-site;

or specifically fair-traded chocolate *g* *

"practice safe drug-dependence:
buy fairtrade!"

* - it's not completely up-to-date atm, as the local-to-my-shop branch of sainsbury's has recently started carrying an own-label 70% dark organic chocolate that's fair-traded: but i've no doubt they'll catch up with this and any other changes in due course.

the equivalent merkin web-site looks to be http://www.transfairusa.org/

and there are doubtless national equivalent sites elsewhere...

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