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der spring ain't quite yet sprung

3/18/07 02:46 am - der spring ain't quite yet sprung

after twenty-thirty years (minimum) ignoring 'em, and at least partly helped by an organised competition, some of the farmers grazing the fields south of milnthorpe & beetham have started [re-] laying the hedges along the east side of the verges of the A6, the great north-west road; this has already made a dramatic difference to the look of quite a length of the causeway on which the road is built, though it'll take a few years for it to bush out properly, and cease looking quite so much like a continuous run of coarse hurdles that've each been sujected to a large dose of rooting hormone, and then dug in along the fields' edges.

hopefully this means they're doing well enough, that they'll be able to continue doing this remedial work, and maintain 'em properly with annual attention through the coming years.
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