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ominous creakings heard coming from the canal...

2/7/07 10:54 pm - ominous creakings heard coming from the canal...

and no, it's not that the canal's fully frozen over in town, and has been now for three days (i dunno where the ducks've gorn - but there's no sign of 'em); it's only frozen over, not frozen solid - and even if it were, it's a canal, not a river: so it'll never be a glacier; no, they've gone and erected a scaffolding-and-planks structure the same height, but a couple of yards south of the little canal foot-bridge, just far enough away from it, to be of no possible use whatsoever to workmen repainting - or even attempting to rebuild - it, and with no access steps up to/down from it on either side of the canal.

if it weren't for the fact that they've all disappeared, i'd even've considered whether they mightn't've built it for the ducks to have something warmer to stand on, than the frozen canal water...

so; what manner of omen might this be?

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