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bewheeleded once more!

2/5/07 09:26 pm - bewheeleded once more!

little [silver-] grey ghost is a five-and-a-half year-old ex-m.o.d. astra 1.7l dti estate; so i should be able to move stuff around for roobarb & kaiserdad 'n' people, whenever i'm told i'm visiting, and take 'em out (with kai!) when i'm not wanted for small removals jobs likewise (as well as picking up/shifting boxes of books &c. for myself), and taking kaiserdad (and kai!) out for his flirty tours of his old sheffield stamping-grounds again.

many thanks to mel of brumel motors, nether kellett (about half-way between lancaster & carnforth, to the east of the A6 & motorway) for checking out the available possibilities and then checking all the probable/likely 'uns out for me, and arranging thnigs.
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