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twenty minutes ago, this time yesterday morning...

10/12/06 07:41 am - twenty minutes ago, this time yesterday morning...

yesterday morning was exciting in a slightly uncomfortable way: there yr hmbl srppnt lay, waking up just before the r3-alarm comes on (as is my wont, when well-enough rested - whether i will or no) and thinking about the precise, rather uniform shade of grey of the sky to the west (that being the way the window watches), when suddenly - it wasn't.

this occurred only briefly - fleetingly, even - and yr hmbl srppnt was still feeling sufficiently dozy - that there was some doubt as to whether the effect had been real, or totally illusory; the thought surface that, despite the welkin-wide (within windowing restrictions) nature of the phenomenon, it was most likely due to lightning: and, were it to be real, it would be imminently - well, quickly - fairly quickly - reasonably soon - well, evidently, it wasn't lightning, it isn't actually raining, after all, and there was no thun - ah, there it goes: comfortably far off, and it was -


there-wasn't-even-a split-second between-that-and-the-thundercrack!


that may've been the fastest i've ever gone from daydreamily waking up to fully alert ever.

then the rain came.

and it didn't stop for two and a half - three hours.

by which time i was in lancaster, and was walking back down from above the canal where i park b.r.m. and the ducks were paddling about calmly, as though nothing much eventful'd ever happen - or ever had.
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