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driving whoopsie-daisy [this is not "a foaf"]

9/21/06 09:39 pm - driving whoopsie-daisy [this is not "a foaf"]

driving in good old brm along the A6-M6 m-way link to the junction 35 roundabout above the M6, i was puzzled to find myself coming up to a stationary queue in both lanes actually on the roundabout -
all this is motorway, and whilst cars &c. can sometimes have to wait to get onto the roundabout, there's never in my experience been stationary traffic on it [other than the odd driver taking a break on one of the roundabout bridges overlooking the motorway].
in the absence of roadworks or accident closing the main carriageway, J35 to the north of carnforth is scarcely a traffic hot-spot...

a few seconds later, the cause of the congestion became clear, three-four cars ahead of me: a medium-small white saloon car doing a careful "three-point-turn" so as to be going the correct way around the roundabout... a couple of minutes more, and it trundled off quite happily onto the motorway heading south, with everyone else in the queue carefully spacing themselves out behind it, so as to be able to stop without risk of "shunting" if the white car's driver did anything else out of the ordinary...

but how did it get there, in the first place?

without involving a high-speed skidding twirl, which would be very difficult to achieve in the normal course of vehicular motion along a straight bridge, no matter how bald one's tyres?
to turn right (instead of left) at the end of the M-way link road up from back lane & the carnforth quarries would involve a fairly suicidal run against traffic - quite frequently heavy quarry trucks - coming the other way: or else a very tight turn (c. 120 degrees) from the link road onto the roundabout, which no-one could possibly make without conscious effort;
and there'd've been no point to doing so, given they wanted the M6 southbound carriageway - it is clearly sign-posted from the link road as being the first exit (in the normal way of negotiating a roundabout); going t'other way about'd necessitate going three-quarters of the way around - to come off the roundabout and onto the M6 heading south -
on the northbound carriageway.

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