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9/12/06 10:39 pm - competition!

to identify the book in which the following "internal blurb" occurs:

"AUTHOR OF "[......]," and numerous other "elegant" adventures and fantasy stories, [......] has long been recognized as one of the top natural successors to Edgar Rice Burroughs. This Quality - coupled with the graceful lyricism of W. H. Hudson - has earned a well-deserved respect for the author from anyone who enjoys losing himself in narratives where man and his cunning are pitted against the erratic elements and creatures too fearful to imagine."

can you think of a book bad enough,
to warrant such a description?

can you identify the book of which this was actually said,
the author of record, and the pubkisher?

competition not open to those friends who might've noticed or logged #afp when i may've made reference to this...
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