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a day wasted - and they didn't even get in

8/5/06 06:58 am - a day wasted - and they didn't even get in

yesterday was mostly spent tidying up sufficiently to get to the toilet & wash-basin, phoning the police, waiting three hours for the SoCO to turn up, phone me to say she couldn't find the shop - and refuse to listen to directions, going out to find her & be ignored by her, eventually leading her to the back gate ~& back door of the shop explaining i'd touched absolutely nothing - whereupon she plonked her hand on the door-handle, ruining any chance whatsoever of getting prints off it - and once she'd left (after taking down my particulars) tidying up enough to get at the back door of the shop from the inside, buying two new bolts, removing the broken deadlock bolt, fitting the two new ones at ~ shoulder & applied-boot heights - while serving & chatting with customers'n'friends, keeping an eye on browsers &c, as normal, updating web site pages to reflect sales, as normal, catching up with email almost, and mail-order likewise.

a day possibly only half-wasted, i suppose - but i really didn't need it even half-taken up with this; there's so much i ought (& need) to be doing already. *sigh* there's no till to steal, and no money kept on the premises overnight; anyone with half a brain wanting to steal from a book & game shop waits until the front door's been unlocked...
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