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i'm beginning to recover - ghu knows about them...

7/4/06 10:03 pm - i'm beginning to recover - ghu knows about them...

last week, yr hmbl srppnt. was descended upon by, variously, michelle, joel, tom, and lastly - but by no means leastly, lena [a]. these recreants proceeded, with a little aid from yrs trly, to commit a near-total de-rubbishification, and an at least major-fractional rough sorting-into-categories of those parts of the front [b] room of the shop not currently intended for public access that had slid slowly towards the chaotically full over the past couple of years...

i think the work done - and the conditions endured - deserve more than just the one good meal out (at sultans), but cannot really afford more than one in an oxfam affin. co-op. visa card charging period (aka lunar month, iiuc); tom, who's disappeared off north o'the border [c], is invited to negotiate a freebie or two separately, so long as it's a similarly mutually enjoyable, social evening.

[a] - save only in physical stature
[b] - i.e. usable sales room
[c] - no, not into cumbria; into forn parts, occupied by picts'n'scots'n'things
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