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6/3/06 02:32 am - *squeak!*

someone tried to kill me today. they probably didn't intend to; but that's what it amounted to; they didn't bother to check their mirror(s) or look over their shoulder, or even signal, before pulling out on a two-lane A-road in their nice, shiny mock-range rover to overtake an equally nice, shiny van-like car they'd been travelling behind at a steady 55 mph - as i was overtaking them at 60 mph.

luckily, a] this was a former three-lane A-road, and
b] there was nothing very near coming in the opposite direction, so i was able to sheer off (and accelerate to 65) out of the way without hitting anything stationary or moving towards me (or perhaps forcing it or, more likely, being myself forced into driving into the ditch/hedge/dry stone wall).

but i'm not impressed with the standards of local drivers in these parts. that was a bit closer to me discovering whether there is an afterlife, than i really like to get.
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