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it's been twenty-eight years

4/21/06 12:28 am - it's been twenty-eight years

"the lady had a silver tongue;
for to sing she said, and maybe that's all..
the lady she had a heart of gold..." [a]

sandy denny 6/1/47 - 21/4/78

discography of sandy denny's albums in groups, and solo:

sandy & johnny; alex campbell & friends

all our own work
- the strawbs

what we did on our holidays,
liege & lief
- fairport convention

- fairport convention
on john peel's radio shows, released later

- fotheringay

the north star grassman and the ravens
like an old-fashioned waltz
- sandy denny

rising for the moon
- fairport convention

- sandy denny

gold dust
- sandy denny & friends
[her last concert; released posthumously]

a boxful of treasures
- sandy denny ["solo" & in groups]
contains many obscurities,
demos, alternate takes and rarities from along her career.

[a] - from "the lady" by sandy denny

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