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this spring is sprung?

4/9/06 05:11 pm - this spring is sprung?

the weather's not actually improved, so much as worsened: it's raining a lot more, so much so, that there's standing water on many of the fields, and not just on the moss; and the bela's overflowing its banks onto its floodplainlets even when it's not actually in spate..
(would any of you lot "dahn sahf" care to take some of this excess aitch-two-oh away? cos it's not actually doing us any good at all, so far as i can see, not even ; once the carrying-capacity of the soil (or bog sponge)'s reached, all that further precipitation achieves outside lakeland is a certain local - and strictly temporary - small dilution of the salt content of the sea in morecambe bay. whereas you could be using it to refill your aquifers'n'fings, and you bothered to collect it, and carry it away...)
..the wind's risen a fair bit, and's inclined to the gusty, and's a sight colder now, having shifted round to the north'n'the north-east - and especially to the north-wet...

"nice weather for ducks."
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