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...and only two trolls were left standing!

2/5/06 10:49 am - ...and only two trolls were left standing!

martinoh, miss_next & pendlemac came to my shop yesterday, which was the first or second halfway busy saturday of the year, and they learned to play Thud in-between customers. there was only time for the first half a game [a], in which martinoh nobly agreed to play the dwarfs [b], complaining only occasionally that he was handicapped by having come unprepared, whilst miss_next remorselessly and all but inexorably mowed down his forces, only occasionally querying how it happened that she came to be playing against two (or three) as she trundled and shoved her way to (partial, possibly provisional [c]) victory, reducing martinoh's dwarfish forces to one solitary, defiant fugitive - though not without suffering sore losses to trollkind.

[a] - once both sides agree they can take no further pieces in a reasonable time, the board is set up anew for the second half, in which the trolls player is now playing the dwarfs, and vice-versa
[b] - i did advise my visitors that i've played eight and four half games of Thud so far, and watched a few more, and in all but one game, the winner was s/he who played the dwarfs least poorly - troll strategy is a lot easier to derive - and to put into practice
[c] - the return half to be played at a later date, as miss_next had to go for her train, and so the visitors departed
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