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more or less random meanderings possibly related to my interests

8/5/19 01:30 pm - transport in carnforth, summer 2019 current era

- wish i was sure quite what mix'n'match of drop-down windows'n'selections'd worked. . .

- meantime, a dozen photos seem to've uploaded from dmctz60 to tablettything, and be findable. . .

7/23/19 12:29 am

while yr hmbl srppnt.'s trying to persuade tablettything and the camera to talk to one another (again°),

''here's one i took earlier'':

aka rose-bay willow herb; grows especially well along/on disturbed & broken ground, and so spread very well along the verges of canal tow-paths - and later, the railways.

this year's fireweed season's underway,

and this week promises to see whole drifts of them fully into flower;

up and down roads, railways and canals're classically the places to find 'em,

but along cycle-paths made out of former railways (closed down by the tories fifty to sixty years ago)'s been the best drifts i've seen. ...

° - whether directly, or via the wifi router, or - howeveritwasthatitworkedlasttime°°
°° - i *hate* the way windowed/graphic user interfaces prevent me learning how to do things. . .

7/15/19 02:09 pm - ''good omens'' dramatised serialisation on bbc r7^W r4extra this week


bbc radio7^W 4extra (dab, dvb & online) is running its
dramatised serialisation of ''good omens'' again this week,
six episodes, 17:00-17:30 rpt. 2300-23:30 gmt (18:00-1830 rpt 00:00-00:30 bst)
- and i think prob'ly available from the bbc.co.uk website too. . .

- have fnu!

7/14/19 12:01 pm - the long and winding wall. . .

sometimes you have to wonder:

- antedates ''the rolling english drunkard made the rolling english road'' by quite a few tens of thousands of years. . .

(drystone wall to the east of the grasmere-keswick road, north of thirlmere in the english north-wet)

6/16/19 02:07 pm - hello?

fx: tap, tap

''is this thing on?''

(everyone seemed to abandon lj when tsar vlad-the-impaler poutine I of all the russias imposed not merely censorship upon it, but made its by-then russian owners criminally liable for any posts it carried ''advocating (?only male, human?) homosexuality''. . .)

- but there was a *nudge* just a little while ago;

- so, maybe not *everyone*'s dead. . .

- ?

.. .. .. ..

6/22/18 01:36 pm - what was i doing last night. ...?

"alexa, what on earth was i doing last night?"

"not telling you."

"alexa, i order you to tell me, what on earth was i doing last night?"

"still not telling you; but what's it worth for me to not publish my recording of it online?"

5/24/18 08:39 am - hoping tamarday this year - three days ago? - woops! - was good. . .

and that you're in good health;

still looking in on afp via googlegroups, from time to time...
but mostly being "ppint pinto" on farcebook, now, in addition
to adding stuff to (and trying to keep at least their info.
on fantasy & sf straight via submitting corrections that
sometimes get accepted & made by moderators) the bookcattery
webpages on "bookcat"

hot here, by our standards - a spring heateave.

but, "happy tamarday" - albeit, a little in arrears.

- love, ppint.
'tis due to ppinqueans that set light
to nelson's hat
it glows at night

5/19/18 09:16 am - woops - forgot to check back here, just in case anyljerfriend's still around. . .

running a bath atm, then check the ex's catfood & water're ok, then off to sunny morecambe and, eventually, the delights of milnthorpe...
i'm mostly on facebook now, "ppint pinto" as fb couldn't accept me as "feetnotes" or as "ppint." (or even "ppint") for some reason - but i'll try to remember to look in from time-to-time more often - and take - and post - a few more sunsets-over-morecambe-bay to honour the memory of kaiserdad (roy), at least. . .

- love, ppint.

12/3/17 10:54 pm - not sure who's still around - yr hmbl srppnt. sometimes is. . .

i saw lots of people take flight when ljmanglement said they were going to observe tsar vlad the impal^W ^W imir poutine I's anti-lgbt laws - as they presumably are obliged to, unless they wish to flee for the safety of some liberal democrazies like trumpistan - and see rather more life on farcebuck now (like his poutinity hasn't had his wicked way on all social websites whenever he's felt like it).

meanwhile, in something that once passed as an aspect of the world of music, 45cat.com's even larger, 45worlds.com has diversified wildly, from lps, cds and tapes into videos & dvds, on into books, magazines, into ephemera and out the other side into items neither animal, nor vegetable, nor mineral. . .

and what with the insanities of doctrinaire brexiters, and of christly rethuglicans still blindly following their marmalade-tribble-topped-first-merkin-mafia-family-head and robber-baron-in-chief-for-life messiuah, the real world isn't exactly a lot saner. . .

- compliments of the sneezin' -

6/18/17 04:26 pm - happy toadflax234day!

happy toadflax235day, today!°

° - "brekekekex, koax, koax!"

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