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more or less random meanderings possibly related to my interests

8/17/16 04:10 pm - now, what sort of an obscenity're the brexiteers up to now?

8/16/16 05:36 pm - hoppyzerbeyday to-dayzto-day...

(if still resident in this parrish...)

hoppy zerbeyday!

8/15/16 03:02 pm - (if ljuser novawildstar hasn't flamed-out, migrated (to facebook?) or?) it's happy novawildstar day!

whether shooting star, hairy star, star of omen ill - or fair
- be presently in your night sky,

yr hmbl srppnt. trusts this is & will continue to be

a happy novawildstarday

8/13/16 01:40 pm - the death of dandelions. . .

(i failed to get a photo of him, alas - *graham, (perh?))

dressed in short-lived grey knitted woolly,

over dark-blue, long-sleeved cotton shirt,

comfortable old fawn trousers & "sensible" shoes,

bent over the various wild bits of greenery edging his cottage's front garden,

wielding a "large" size multicoloured paper-labelled, white trigger-topped red plastic spray-bottle of some systemic, "kills down to the roots" systemic herbicide,
but carefully applying it only to the large, serrated leaves of the dandelions there residing. . .

the death of dandelions

(& no, yr hmbl srppnt. did not get any kind of view of "the dods"' face. . .)

8/12/16 04:22 pm - happy karenka@voltaireday today!

- happy birthday, reynarde!

- love, ppint.

8/8/16 05:18 pm - q. is topiary still practised in good old england? a. the art of topiary is not dead. . .

- though it may only continue to be practised, concealed behind high walls,

- where peculiar persons are also rumoured to indulge

- and, indeed to do so upon a weekly basis

- during what passes locally for summer

- in croquet° !!!

° - but only amongst properly-white clad, consenting adults, and strictly in privet. . .

8/5/16 05:55 pm - just a lil bit sheepish about mrs heelis. . .

8/5/16 04:39 pm - v. rare, informative sheep spotted. . .

- there's a few of these scattered up & down the 555 route, north of windermere...

8/3/16 05:50 pm - luxury travel from the thirties (or earlier?). . .


- a beautiful, and beautifully well-kept, alvis snapped in carnfroth today...

"every time i take the roof down, it (folds up) 's different(ly) - but no, it's no bother," said the owner-driver, whilst his missus looked on tolerantly.

7/20/16 05:56 pm - hippy ^W happy baff^W bath^W tiny^W not-so tiny clanger day!

....to you...!
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